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VIBRADORM – your system supplier

More than 30 years of partnership in the furniture industry “Made in Germany“

The company VIBRADORM is one of the most respected system suppliers in the furniture industry. We are proud to develop and produce our products at such a beautiful and natural site as Michelstadt in the Odenwald region.

VIBRADORM supplies excellent drive and control technology as well as control elements of sophisticated design, all from a single source.

We currently employ more than 100 employees at our headquarters in Michelstadt. The products are marketed worldwide and are also presented at trade fairs. For example, VIBRADORM has been presenting its products to trade audiences at the Interzum in Cologne since 1991: 16 times in a row!

Customers are personally welcomed and advised in depth at this SME by a superb sales team and by managing director Christoph Günther and general manager Roland Reeg. This is why the company is trusted to such a great extent.

Geschäftsführer mit Mitarbeitern
Unsere Vertriebsmitarbeiter

We work with our numerous customers around the world in a frictionless and rapid manner

As we export over 50% of our products abroad, we have built up a Europe-wide network of representatives over the years.

Both our employees based at the headquarters in Michelstadt and colleagues on the ground in the various country offices will personally advise you and are happy to help with the customised composition of your order.

We not only adapt our products to meet your specific needs, but also develop new solutions alongside you in order to meet your furniture requirements perfectly.

We are currently focussing above all on the development of complete systems consisting of control elements and control and drive technology. In this way, you can get all these components for your furniture from a single source.

From the basic concept through to series production: everything is done by us in-house

We have no fewer than 10 employees working on product development and in our test lab. Our specialist engineers work out the schematics and layout of the printed circuit boards as well as the corresponding software.

We would be glad to offer you additional support with the testing process of recognised institutes and with EMC preliminary tests for newly developed products.

For our engineers in product development, new challenges represent a great incentive above all – they would certainly look forward to constructive collaboration with your team!

Unsere Produktentwicklung
Mitarbeiter Produktion

Fast. Precise. Efficient.

Our new, fully automated assembly manufacturing system is at the heart of the production facility. Up to 40,000 components per hour can be assembled here. These machines are manufactured by local companies as well as international market leaders.

Their extreme high speed and precision ensure that our electronics modules enjoy a competitive price-performance relationship. Our highly trained technical personnel monitor the smooth running of all consecutive production steps.

This is where the „marriage“ begins
Module assembly in the control and drive manufacturing section

In the case of the series production of very large components, the most effective method is the manual insertion of modules by our qualified technical personnel.

Then the module is fitted into the corresponding product housing – the so-called „marriage“. Our large store of raw materials is of essential importance for a smooth production process.

Here, before the start of production, all the necessary components are first picked. These are always assigned to the corresponding production orders.

Mitarbeiter in unserer Produktion